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What does this service do?

The Mod Installer Creator is a tool developed by Varden Developent to give Minecraft mod creators an auto-installation tool for their mods. Many mod users don't know how to install mods, and even if they do, the process is still complicated. Varden's mod installers are easy to use, and allow for a range of features, including showing a license agreement and having the installer either download the mod files from the Internet or embedding them inside the installer.


  • Download mod from a server, or embed into installer!
  • Display a license agreement!
  • Create and add a new profile to the Minecraft launcher automatically!
  • Edit the jar file and delete META-INF for your users!
  • Install Forge mods without ever needing to open .minecraft!
  • Let your users install mods in an existing profile!
  • Cross platform - supports Windows, Mac and Linux!
  • Everything is configurable!
  • All of these features are free in beta!

How to use

Simply connect to the website by clicking "Visit in your browser" in the sidebar to the right. To start using the service, you need to create an account.

To create a new installer project, enter a name for the project and press Create installer. You can now edit the installer in the panel below. You should set the mod name, Minecraft version and Mod version or otherwise the installer will not work properly. To add or link to files, press "Manage files and links". Here, you can choose if you want the mod files to be included with the installer (embedded), should be downloaded from a web server (linked) or should not be available for installation (not available). You should then upload a file or provide a link. The link must be a direct download link.

To add a license to your installer to be displayed during installation, press "Manage license", check the box labelled "Use license terms" and enter the license agreement in the box.


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