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Welcome to Varden Development!

Whose site is this, you wonder?

My name is Marius, and I'm an independent software developer. This is my personal software site. I develop random software for things you don't actually need software for. For instance, I made a program that does nothing more than tell you what time it is. Again, don't ask me what it's for, I just made it because I was bored.

I started making software in the summer of 2010. I attended a programming course and learned the basics of making applications using the .NET framework. I quickly got the hang of it, and programming became my spare hobby - I made small programs to do specific tasks for me when the need would come.

Today, I don't write many .NET applications. I've started learning Java instead, which I bet some Mac and Linux users appreciate, because they can't seem to run any of the .NET applications I make, even using Mono or similar 3rd party software. Java can be run on both Windows, Linux and Mac.

I don't only develop software - I'm also into making mods for the computer game Minecraft. My currently most popular mod, ChatLog, was initially released in December 2012, and has since then been downloaded several thousand times. Another mod is under deveopment, and a beta version can be downloaded for free from this website.

I hope you find my website interesting, and that you'll find some of my products useful. If you have any questions, do no hesitate to ask by sending us an email here.