Battery Warning

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Battery Warning

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Computer software


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What does this program do?

Keeps track of the battery percentage. It will show how much remains of the battery, and the status of the battery, if it is charging, and so on. If your battery level reaches down into 19%, a bubble will appear in the system tray, and in addition, a warning sound will be played. In Windows Vista/7, the battery will also turn yellow. The same thing happens when you reach 14%, which is the beginning of the Very low battery status. At 9%, battery reaches Critical status, and it will play the warning sound every 5 seconds until you connect the computer to the power grid, in addition to the battery becoming red in Windows Vista/7. When the battery is fully charged, a bubble will appear in the system tray saying that your battery is fully charged, and a sound will play. A bubble will also appear if it is charging.


  • Notifies you when your battery charge reaches 49%, 19%, 14% and 9%
  • Notifies you when your battery is full
  • Gives you advice on what to do when your battery charge reaches the above levels

How to use

You only have to open Battery Warning for it to function. To get a recommendation on what you should do at your current power level, click on the text in the Status box.


Acceptable battery level Low battery level

Low battery level, tray bar Critical battery level, tray bar