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What is it?

Have you ever been annoyed at having too few stats in Minecraft? It tells you stuff like how many blocks you've broken, and yeah, that's nice. But how much time have you really played? How much time have you spent on the main menu? Questions like these are what TorchStats answers.

TorchStats is still an alpha project. That means, it probably has a lot of bugs and missing features. However, when it's completed, I hope this will be a great addition to the already existing Minecraft statistics.


  • Saves a lot of various parameters about gameplay to an NBT-based data file
  • You can access these stats in the Statistics menu
  • Uses an own window to display its stats, for the best experience
  • Select between two themes: Monster Cave and The Nether


TorchStats button in the in-game statistics menu

TorchStats' GUI


  1. Find the Minecraft jar file.
    • In 1.6 and above, this is .minecraft\versions\<version>\<version>.jar
    • In 1.5.2 and below, this is .minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar
  2. Open it with an archiving program like 7-zip.
  3. Copy files from TorchStats into the Jar file.
  4. Close 7-zip.
  5. Play Minecraft!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this mod require ModLoader or Forge?
A: No.

Q: Can I include this mod in my mod pack?
A: If you contact me prior to adding it, and you get my written consent, then yes. I usually accept my things being put in mod packs, but NOT if it has been added without my consent and with understanding of the requirements I send you.

Q: How do I install it?
A: Open up your minecraft.jar file with a compression utility like 7-Zip or WinRAR, delete the folder META-INF and move the class file you downloaded into the .jar.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to download this mod?
A: Of course not!

Q: Help, Minecraft freezes, blackscreens or crashes when I use the mod! What is wrong?
A: First of all, check that you deleted the META-INF folder. If you have, ensure you're installing the correct version for your game. If you are, check that you don't have any other mods installed that add a class file with the same name as this one. If you DO have conflicting mods, please tell me of them, and I will add them to the list of incompatible mods. If you DON'T have conflicting mods, read the "Submitting a crash report" section below.

Q: I love this mod so much I feel like donating to you! How can I do that?
A: Well, thank you a lot for appreciating my work that highly! I am sadly unable to get a PayPal account or similar up and running in the near future, so donating would be hard :(

Known bugs

  • Multiplayer stats not yet implemented.